Blue Ribbon Carpet Cleaning and Cleaning Service
Military Special
Blue Ribbon Carpet Cleaning is veteran owned and operated.
We will always have specials for service members.
Thank you for your service!

    Blue Ribbon Carpet Cleaning will always have lower
    prices for our men and women in uniform. The United
    States Government has notoriously compensated the
    military members less than what they could make in the
    civilian world. If you are an active duty military
    member or have been recently discharged in the last 30
    days, we will clean your entire residential carpets for a
    reduced price. Please ask for the military discount
    when you call to schedule your appointment.

    Additional Options
    •        Specialty Stain Removal
    •        Carpet Protector
    •        Deodorizer
Killed In Action: Blue Ribbon Hopes to never provide this service; however, in the event your military spouse or next of kin has been killed in action
and you have to have the carpets cleaned in order to vacate your on post housing or your rental property, please contact Blue Ribbon so we can clean
your carpet for Free. If you are contacting us for this service, please accept our deepest condolences.